Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Streamline communication & collaboration with a single solution for calling, chat, meetings & productivity

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What is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) refers to the integration of messaging, telephony, collaboration and productivity in a single interface across multiple devices, delivered via the cloud. In the most basic of terms, UCaaS provides businesses with the tools they need to make calls, have meetings, work on documents and communicate online.

Primary UCaaS components:

Instant messaging






Why UCaaS matters

Business is rapidly moving to the cloud, and so are the ways we communicate and collaborate for work. Modern companies and their employees want to be able to make calls, have meetings, share files and chat using the same interface, on the same app, across their desktop, laptop, phone and other mobile devices. If you want to stay competitive and make sure you’re ready for the future, implementing UCaaS is a great way to make it happen.

Save time

Cut down on time spent clicking around by making calls, joining meetings & sharing files with a single app

Save money

Consolidate subscriptions for calling, meeting technology & productivity onto one affordable monthly bill

Grow business

Reinvest time and money saved into other business priorities like client relationships, marketing or R&D

XcellHost UCaaS solution

XcellHost UCaaS empowers organizations to work better together. Combining Microsoft Teams* with our in-house Cloud PBX**, users can call and chat with colleagues, schedule and participate in meetings and work on documents together in real-time, all while adhering to the highest standards for security and compliance.


  • One app for chat, calling, meetings, audio & video conferencing
  • Outlook integration keeps meeting & contact info in sync
  • Easily resolve issues with access to Sherweb in-house voice experts
  • Cut costs & consolidate services onto one invoice


  • Carrier-grade telecom switch ensures excellent call quality
  • Customizable IVR ensures all calls are answered & directed correctly
  • Affordable, predictable subscriptions with no bill shock
  • Highly available & redundant hardware & software


  • 24/7 technical support in French & English
  • Dedicated onboarding & deployment
  • Flexible & scalable, with no user caps
  • Constant security with traffic trend monitoring, encryption & threat prevention