XcellSecure | Threat Intelligence

We provide a new equation to measure and predict the digital
risk and help organization to protect against targeted attack
First integrated 3-dimensional view of your digital risk
  • Digital Risk Protection SaaS Platform
  • 24x7x365 continues monitoring
  • Provides measurable cyber risk
  • Proactive cyber threat intelligence

    Risk scoring

    Trend analysis

    Behavioural Analysis

    Identify risky users

    Automated takedown

    Automated scan

    360° VISIBILTY

    Outside-out + Outside-in + Inside-out

    Responsive Services Section


    Digital Risk

    Measure your third party / supply chain digital Risk and good cyber hygiene.

    Brand Monitoring

    Protect from Impersonation, Rogue websites, Fake social pages, mobile applications etc.

    Anti-Phishing Shield

    Protect employee from targeted Phishing / Impersonation attack using ML/AI engine.

    Attack surface visibility

    Discover / monitor external assets including infrastructure, vulnerable asset.

    Threat Intelligence

    Stay updated with latest threat advisory from Social, Deep and Dark web.


    Automated way to assess third party / vendor compliance and maturity.