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How MagentaBi  Will Help You Grow?

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MagentaBi offers Faster Reporting, Better Decision Making, Quicker Gap Recognition, Accurate Forecasts, Higher control & Actionable Insights.

Material Movement Analysis of your inventory.

1 Items which are not moving in last few days but high in stock

17 Brand/Category ageing stock with their last, sales details

Item View 

Macro & Micro view of the key performance indicators of your overall business intelligence platform

Top 5View of all key variables

Performance in each variable linked to other variable at a click. For  eg  Brand wise-sales  Person wise segement wise interlinked charts.

Past performance, current situation and projection In summarized way

Map View 

Bird's Eye View of Sales Performance on an interactive map

Performance in a territory level upto pincode map

Unbilled, Inactive & lost customers list of any product or a group.

Comparison of 2 time period of any territory or 2 territories at a click.

Other Views

With a seprate comprehensive report on every variable of your business, it is impossible to loose focus from any aspect of your business.

But Not View

Filter list of customers who have purchased X item but not Y item. For Eg. Nuts but not Bolts, Printer but not Cartidges .

Payment View

Helping you keep track of all outstanding details with auto-reminder and scheduler. Product-wise outstanding along with payment due today at a click.

GP View

You can drill down to see details of all level of profitability along with Net Landing Cost (NLC) Management module.

How MagentaBi  Will Help You Save Money?

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Mobile AppYesYesYes
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Report SchedlerYesYesYes
Custom Reports--Yes
Custom Branding--Yes
IP Whitelisting--Yes

We Work Where You Work

We understand that it is very difficult for your business to implement a change in your accounting software. So, we take that extra effort to have the connectors ready for your ERP [like Tally, SAP B1, Busy and many more] to start making data-driven decisions through MagentaBi without breaking a sweat


  • Today, cloud technologies have driven down the costs of implementing BI solutions making them much more accessible for small to medium sized businesses. Specifically, Microsoft’s powerful self-service BI tool, Power BI, allows every business to explore enterprise-grade analytics and decision support for zero upfront cost. Of course, implementation will vary based on deployment choices, audience mix and visualisation requirements. While some vendors provide transparent pricing, others don’t, so you’ll need to take that into consideration. Before you research vendors, it is key to know what your specific budget and requirements are for BI software.
  • Data security and availability are key requirements for any IT system. A BI solution should match the same high levels of performance, reliability, and security that you expect of the other systems in your organisation. Reputable BI solutions leverage existing security infrastructures to keep data safe. As an example, the Power BI service is built on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure and platform. Power BI uses Azure Active Directory (AAD) to manage user identity and permissions, and supports Row-Level Security to automatically restrict data access for given users based on role.
  • While you may have multiple line-of-business systems that you use to manage your business, BI is about combining data from these sources in a structured manner to visually present information in a meaningful way. This is not possible from conventional standalone reporting tools.​ A truly useful BI solution should easily connect to your day to day business applications. A BI solution can aggregate data from all of these sources and more, and provide insights and meaningful information in a single dashboard. Think of a BI Solution as complementary to your existing reporting investments.
  • BI solutions drive high-level discussions to make meaningful strategic decisions. These solutions can access all of your data, both strategic (revenue, profit and growth), and operational (daily sales performance). This enables business leaders to analyse information to make decisions that support business objectives. An ERP however, is a system used to generate an exact operational view of your organisation, often without trend analysis, data comparison, or insights generation. While BI solutions provide strategic analytics, an ERP solution provides transactional, operational analytics.
  • A good BI solution should support your organisation through a structured process. From an implementation perspective, Business Intelligence is a set of processes, architectures and technologies used to convert raw data into meaningful information to drive profitable business actions. This consists of the following phases: 1.Design
  • Business intelligence is a technology-driven process where one helps businesses in converting the available data into knowledge. This knowledge is delivered to the clients or the stakeholders who read and analyse data to make decisions. With the massive data available in the business ecosystem, one can use business intelligence tools to achieve their business success.

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