XcellSecure | Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response

Round the clock managed protection
against modern evasive threats
Continuously hunting, detecting and responding To threats
  • Advanced protection technology
  • Proactive Threat hunting
  • Automated and guided response

    Managed detection

    accurate response



    Continuously hunting, detecting and responding to threats targeting your enterprise
    Advanced Protection 
    Proactive Threat Hunting
    Automated and Guided Response
    Globally-recognized Expertise
    Round-the-clock managed protection against modern evasive threats
    Flexibility to suit all industry sectors & organizational needs
    Cost-effective & completely justified IT security investment

    Why choose Kaspersky MDR

    Round-the-clock managed protection against today’s evasive threats
    The flexibility to suit every industry sector & organizational need
    Cost-effective & cost-justified IT security investment

    Supported products

    Kaspersky Anti Targeted 
    Kaspersky Endpoint Security
    for Windows
    Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent
    Kaspersky Endpoint Detection
    and Response
    Kaspersky Endpoint Security
    for Mac
    Kaspersky Security for Windows Server
    Kaspersky Security Center
    Kaspersky Endpoint Security
    for Linux
    Kaspersky Endpoint Agent