XcellSecure | Kaspersky hybrid cloud Security

Manage all your workloads from a single on-premises or cloud console
Deploy straight from the Marketplaces, or as a service
Effortless security for your cloud journey
  • Best of breed protection
  • cost efficient approach
  • Optimum security performance
  • Regulatory Compliance support

    Best performance

    Dedicated solution

    Smart optimization

    Automated security

    Proven cloud-native protection and the best performance for your hybrid environment

    Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Security

    Multi-layered threat protection proactively fights the broadest range of cyberattacks including malware, 
    phishing, & more.
    Our flexible licensing model & a unified cloud console streamline costs and save labor hours, helping you get the most from your security budget.
    Optimum security performance
    The platform-agnostic product  provides outstanding protection  without in any way compromising 
    the full benefits of virtualization
    & cloud-based operations.
    Regulatory compliance support
    The wide range of features supports full compliance with cybersecurity regulations & reduces the number of routine manual tasks involved in ensuring adherence.

    Security for DevOps And Containers

    DevSecOps enablement

    A ‘security as code’ approach, with containerization host memory protection, tasks for containers, image scanning & scriptable interfaces allows you to integrate security tasks  into CI/CD pipelines.

    Secured containers

    Secures Docker and Windows containers, so 
    attackers can’t use a malicious container component as a stepping stone into the organization’s internal workings.

    Meeting dev needs

    On-Access (OAS) and On-Demand Scanning (ODS) of containers, images and local & remote repositories facilitates maintenance of sanitized repos for devs’ needs.

     Security for Virtualization and VDI

    Best performance

    Light agents optimized for each OS efficiently reduce consumption of virtualization resources by as much as 30%.

    Dedicated solution

    The product supports a wide range of server virtualization and VDI  platforms, including VMWare  vSphere, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix Hypervisor and more.

    Smart optimizations

    A number of optimizations - including shared cache which shares the results of file scans - decrease the amount of  data and the number of operations involved.

    Public Cloud Security

    Full visibility

    Integration via public cloud API means you can see into every corner, understand how your cloud is organized & be confident you’re protecting all your cloud workloads.

    Convenient management

    You can see all the instances running under the specified accounts through the management console, using that  information to deploy security agents & apply security policies to them

    Automated security

    Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security responds automatically to the increasing load as new
    instances are created and run by the cloud