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    Everywhere Availability
    Data Center Migration
    Test & Dev
    Application Hosting
    Data Replication
    Everywhere Availability

    VMware Expertise, in Your Choice of Data Center Locations

    With XcellHost Private Cloud Everywhere powered by VMware, you get a fully managed, single-tenant, dedicated VMware private cloud, in your choice of global data centers — including your own.

    This allows you to address data sovereignty requirements, while also locating cloud resources closer to your users — which can improve performance and customer satisfaction.

    And because it’s built with self-contained cabinets, your VMware private cloud is designed to expand as your needs increase. This also allows you to reduce and control costs, with your choice of monthly recurring billing or consumption-based billing.

    Data Center Migration

    Data Center Migration

    Wondering how to keep up with growing demand for infrastructure while facing pressures to reduce costs? You are likely looking to the cloud to increase efficiency, boost productivity and lower costs, and realizing that not all applications are suitable for the public cloud.

    Our hosted private clouds offer the benefits of the cloud combined with single-tenant customization and performance. This allows you to grow physical compute, network and storage capacity as needed, without significant investments in data center buildouts and physical hardware.

    Easily extend VMware workloads from your on-premises data centers to off-premises environments.

    Test & Dev

    Test & Dev

    Moving workloads to the cloud to support rapid application development and testing requires agility, scalability and security not typically available in public clouds. You also need a testing environment that runs on technology similar to your production infrastructure.

    Get total control over your physical-to-virtual resource commitment ratios with our hosted private clouds — a capability not available in public clouds.

    Leverage the latest VMware SDDC technology to manage the lifecycle of your agile, on-demand development environments.

    Realize potentially significant per-VM cost savings for many development scenarios, when compared with public cloud platforms.

    Application Hosting

    Application Hosting

    Not all applications are cloud-native or cloud-ready, and the benefits don’t always justify the costs involved for you to make them work. Our hosted private clouds offer an agile hosting platform for these types of applications, combining stability and predictability with the control you need.

    When applications can’t be easily refactored for the cloud, customizable single-tenant hosting can be a viable solution.

    Legacy applications do not have to run on legacy infrastructure. Leverage the latest VMware software-defined infrastructure to deliver application lifecycle automation and enhanced business agility.

    Data Replication

    Data Replication

    It’s not easy to find innovative ways to replicate data and maintain business continuity in the event of a disaster, often in the face of shrinking IT budgets. Our hosted private clouds offer a compelling, lower TCO approach to hosting DR infrastructure, when compared with building out a data center or colocation facility.

    Recreate network topologies in software, rather than hardware, with VMware NSX. Lower your overall costs for DR target infrastructure.

    Leverage 24x7x365 support and our ability to rapidly deploy hardware in a crisis.

    Benefit from customizable architectures and our deep portfolio of storage and networking technologies from vendors such as Brocade®, Cisco®, EMC®, F5® and NetApp®. XcellHost can accommodate a wide variety of technology dependencies commonly associated with data replication and DR scenarios.


       Simplicity is making your cloud journey easier, XcellHost delivers simple & efficient cloud solutions for you.

    Fully Managed

    Redundant networks design and multiple upstream suppliers ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

    SSD-Only Cloud

    Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-SSD hosting providers!

    Backup & Snapshot

    Automated daily and weekly backups and free full data snapshots upon request.

    99.95% SLA Guaranteed

    Redundant networks design and multiple upstream suppliers ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

    Expert Support for VMware Technology

    Expert support for VMware NSX software-defined networking and VMware vSAN software-defined storage technologies. 150+ VMware Certified Professionals available to help put this technology to work for your business.

    Control Without Headaches

    Manage your virtual infrastructure using the same tools you use to manage VMware infrastructure in your own data center, such as VMware vSphere® and native VMware APIs.

    Hardware On Demand

    Grow your physical compute, network, and storage capacity in timeframes measured in hours and days, rather than the weeks, months, or quarters typical of DIY deployments in on-premises data centers.

    Security and Compliance

    Layer on value-added services like XcellHost Managed Services to provide deep expertise and advanced threat intelligence for help protecting your business.

    Cloud Management Platform

    Automate service delivery using VMware vRealize Automation™. VMware vRealize Suite provides comprehensive automation, lifecycle management and policy-based governance for hybrid cloud environments.


    • Enterprise cloud is a computing model where businesses can access virtualized IT resources from a public or private cloud services provider on a pay-per-use basis. These resources can include servers, processing power (CPU cores), data storage, virtualization capabilities, and networking infrastructure.
    • vSphere is a server virtualization platform that delivers essential services for the modern hybrid cloud. It is now rearchitected with native Kubernetes into an open platform that enables you to run existing enterprise applications alongside modern containerized applications in a unified manner.
    • Companies of all types in a wide variety of industries are adopting an Enterprise Cloud platform —including those in healthcare, retail, financial services, manufacturing, federal agencies and many more.

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