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IT JUST WORKS. Stop phishing, business email compromise,
ransomware, & spam, with advanced email security features
Protect your business from email-brone cyber threats
  • Anti-Phishing
  • TLS Encryption
  • SPF Filter
  • DKIM Filter

    DMARC Filter

    Log feeds to SIEM or(LADP)

    Incident response services

    Unmatched detection Speed


    Control device access to email attachments

    Prevent total access to sensitive email attachments on vulnerable unmanaged devices (BYOD) while permitting full access to secure managed devices

    Educate user to improve security awareness

    Unique phishing education with feedback capabilities educates employees as they make mistakes, helping them to better learn and understand safe email best practices.

    Spam and phishing protection

    Detect unwanted spam and unsafe phishing emails, allowing customers to block, quarantine, or take other actions.

    Identify explicit images to enforce acceptable use

    The Forcepoint Image Analysis Module allows employers to proactively monitor, educate, and enforce company email policy for explicit or pornographic image attachments.

    Ensure confidentiality of sensitive communications

    Enable secure delivery of email communications with Forcepoint Email Encryption that eliminates the traditional barriers of cost and complexity by offering easy administration, without key management or additional hardware


    Replace the inefficient security stack of sandboxes and content disarm and reconstruction technologies (CDRs) with a multi-layered email security solution for lightning-fast detection that’s easy to deploy and manage.

    Scan 100% of traffic in real-time

    Unlike legacy sandboxing solutions, every bit of content - emails, files, and URLs - is analyzed at any scale. A clear verdict is delivered in seconds before the content reaches end-users.

    Prevent APTs and zero-days

    Block sophisticated threats that evade conventional defenses such as APTs and zero-day attacks with a unique CPU-level analysis that allows action earlier in the attack chain than other technologies.

    Prevent APTs and zero-days

    With this cloud-native deployment, you can integrate directly with the email system without additional configuration to reduce the administrative burden associated with a standard secure email gateway (SEG) deployment.

    Incident response services

    Empower your service delivery and security teams with direct access to cyber analysts and email security experts that monitor all customer traffic and analyze malicious intents with ongoing reporting and support.

    Unmatched detection speed

    Leverage an unmatched detection speed that allows you to prevent all threats before they reach end-users, compared to the reactive approach of standard email security technologies.


    Unlock new revenue streams
    Protect your clients’ #1 threat vector from modern email attacks
    Consolidate and streamline your services while saving time and resources
    Unlock new revenue streams

    Unlock new revenue streams

    Expand or enhance your services with proven cloud-based email security to meet clients’ rapidly growing security requirements with confidence. Start planning the upgrade of your services without worrying about the time needed to implement; email security is enabled with the flip of a switch. Leverage consumption-based pricing and upgrade your costs, margins, profitability, and business plan to secure better additional streams.

    Protect your clients’ #1 threat vector from modern email attacks

    Protect your clients’ #1 threat vector from modern email attacks

    Phishing emails account for more than 90% of attacks. Minimize the risks for clients when communicating via email and stop threats before they reach their Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Open-Xchange, or other cloud-based or on-premises mailboxes. Intercept modern email threats, including spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), spoofing, malware, zero-days, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) in mere seconds with zero false positives. Enhance compliance and increase visibility into admin users and incident response team actions with a comprehensive audit log. Build your services on top of a leading email security solution that scans 100% of traffic at any scale.

    Consolidate and streamline your services while saving time and resources

    Consolidate and streamline your services while saving time and resources

    Modernize your security stack with a single solution that ingrates cloud-based email security with backup, recovery, next-generation anti-malware, and cyber protection management. Reduce the resources needed to deliver multiple services and cut costs through solution consolidation. Significantly reduce the deployment complexity associated with secure email gateways (SEGs) and leverage a cloud-native deployment - up to a few minutes without the need for additional mail exchanger record (MX record) configurations. Increase risk visibility across all email security alerts and incidents.


    Business email compromise (BEC)
    Internal phishing
    Zero-days and APTs
    Evasion techniques
    Account takeover (ATO)

    Malware and ransomware

    Malware – including viruses, ransomware, spyware, worms, and Trojans - is most commonly delivered via malicious payloads – files and URLs. Thousands of new malware variants appear each day. Legacy solutions fall short when dealing with advanced evasion techniques and defending collaboration platforms.

    Advanced Email Security helps you stop malware with multi-layered defenses, including:

    • Anti-evasion – Detect hidden malicious content
    • Threat intelligence – Stay ahead of emerging threats
    • Anti-phishing filters – Detect malicious URLs
    • Antivirus engines – Stop known malware
    • Next-generation dynamic engine – Catch zero-days and APTs that evade conventional defenses


    Phishing attacks are the root of 91% of all cyberattacks, as reported by CSO Online. They leverage social engineering to deceive their target and gain access to sensitive information by employing files, URLs, and text-based techniques posing as legitimate sources.

    Advanced Email Security helps prevent phishing before it reaches end-users with:

    • Anti-evasion – Unpack deeply embedded, hidden phishing attempts
    • URL reputation – Block known, malicious URLs based on four leading URL reputation engines
    • Image recognition engine – Block unknown malicious URLs based on the images and logos used on webpages
    • Threat intelligence – Combine six market-leading sources and Perception Point’s unique engine
    Business email compromise (BEC)

    Business email compromise (BEC)

    Impersonation-based attacks trick employees into making innocent mistakes, thinking they’re communicating with a person they know. A significant part of BEC attempts do not have a malicious payload and leverage only text-based techniques, making them especially tricky to detect and prevent.

    The Advanced Email Security helps prevent impersonation attempts with:

    • Anti-spoofing - Prevent payload-less attacks through machine-learning algorithms with IP reputation, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC record checks
    • Anti-evasion – Deep scan to detect malicious hidden content
    • Payload-based protection – Reduce “further along the line” BEC attacks with threat intelligence, phishing, and antivirus engines
    Internal phishing

    Internal phishing

    Internal phishing can result from account takeovers, malicious employees, or even human error. Legacy technologies commonly neglect internal emails, as scanning 100% of traffic results in delays in email delivery or damages files and URLs.

    The Advanced Email Security prevents account takeover attempts and internal phishing with:

    • Scan 100% of traffic – Unique speed allows scanning all internal and inbound emails
    • URL reputation engines - Block known, malicious URLs
    • Image recognition engine – Block unknown malicious URLs based on the images and logos used on web pages
    • Anti-evasion – Detect malicious hidden content
    • Next-generation dynamic engine – Catch zero-days and APTs that evade conventional defenses
    Zero-days and APTs

    Zero-days and APTs

    Zero-days and APTs are especially hard to catch and prevent. They can lie in wait and strike months before they’re discovered by leveraging unknown software vulnerabilities. Standard APT modules, such as sandboxes or content disarm and reconstruction solutions (CDRs), rely on known data and behaviors that evasion techniques can mask when in a sandbox.

    Advanced Email Security's market-leading technology helps you prevent zero-days and APTs:

    • Next-generation dynamic scan – Stop zero-days and APTs with a unique CPU-level technology that detects and blocks advanced attacks at the exploit stage, before malware release, based on the assembly code
    Evasion techniques

    Evasion techniques

    Email-borne attacks are getting trickier to detect. Attackers use evasion techniques such as new file types, link chains, malicious content hidden within clean files, stalling mechanisms that sandboxes can’t observe, ensuring the malicious payload takes action only when facing actual end-users. For conventional defenses, preventing such techniques is almost impossible as it takes too much time, money, and technological resources.

    The Advanced Email Security uses unique technology to prevent evasion techniques that conventional defenses miss:

    • Anti-evasion - Recursively unpack the content into smaller units which are then dynamically checked by multiple engines in under 30 seconds, compared to 20+ minutes for legacy sandboxing solutions.
    Account takeover (ATO)

    Account takeover (ATO)

    Account takeover (ATO) has been increasingly commoditized through the cybercriminal ecosystem — whether the target is business email or a company’s bank accounts. Known also as account compromise, ATO occurs when a cyber attacker gains control of a legitimate account. Once they have control of an account, attackers can launch a variety of attacks, such as supply-chain phishing, BEC attacks, data exfiltration, financial fraud, etc. There are no preliminary signs of such an attack; in most cases, once the signs of ATO are obvious, the damage has already been done.

    Advanced Email Security helps you to intercept account takeover attempts, at any stage — ready to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond with multiple defense layers.

    • Prevent credential theft — block phishing attempts to steal employees’ credentials with multiple engines
    • Monitor accounts for signs of compromise — analyzes end user patterns and behaviors and uses machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies that could suggest an account has been compromised
    • Instantly detect and remediate compromised accounts — ensure fast remediation and account containment by the incident response team in the event of account takeover

    Stop phishing and spoofing attempts

    Minimize email risk for clients with powerful threat intelligence, signature-based detection, URL reputation checks, unique image-recognition algorithms, and machine learning with DMARC record checks.

    Catch advanced evasion techniques

    Detect hidden malicious content by recursively unpacking embedded files and URLs and separately analyzing them with dynamic and static detection engines.

    Prevent APTs and zero-day attacks

    Prevent advanced email threats that evade conventional defenses with a unique CPU-level technology able to act earlier in the attack chain to block exploits before malware is released, delivering a clear verdict within seconds.


    Leverage a unique technology for unmatched detection capabilities

    Advanced Email Security
    (powered by Perception Point)
     Sandbox CDR
    Threat coverage ******** ***
     Level of analysis CPU Application
     Speed 30 seconds  7-20 minutes A few seconds
     Accuracy Deterministic Statistic (Behavioral) Statistic (Behavioral)
    File functionality post-scan ****** ***** **
     URL Scanning****** **** **
     ATP module capacity ****** **** ***
     Detection of zero-days & obfuscated n-days****** ** ***
    Coverage of next-gen exploitation techniques (e.g.) COOP******x x
    Maintaining file usability and functionality post-scan ****** *****x


    • XcellHost's Cloud Email Security is a pure cloud based service offering superior cloud based protection from spam, phishing attacks and malware.
    • The Cloud Email Security service stops Spam, phishing, and virus attacks with over 99% effectiveness using multiple proven, patented techniques including reputation checks that check not only a message's sender IP reputation but also the reputation of its content, structure, links, images, attachments. The technology also provides Denial of Service (DoS) protection and sender validation. Advanced techniques are also used to analyze email content, such as image analysis, etc is used to uncover hidden known threats and new threats.
    • You can filter on message or attachment size with a message filter. (You cannot use content filters to filter on message or attachment size.)
    • Rate limiting is used to define the maximum number of recipients per hour you are willing to receive from a remote host. When you have configured rate limiting on a listener or mail flow policy, your mail_logs log file will contain an entry stating "Rejected By Receiving Control" for each message attempt after the limit is exceeded. The following excerpt shows the format of a mail_logs log entry documenting a message that was blocked by rate-lim

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