XcellSecure | Email Encryption

Trust your inbox again with cloud email security protecting your people and critical information from malware,
as well as malware free phishing and impersonation attempts.
Prevent Phishing and Imposter Threats
  • Keep imposters out
  • Let trusted senders in
  • Stop malware from reachin inbox
  • Protection post-delivery

    Efficiency Built on Experience

    Blocking Bad Behavior

    Deeper Understanding of Threats

    Shared Threat Intelligence

    WHY US?

    One comprehensive data protection platform, no intermediate hardware or software required

    Demonstrate a proactive approach to data security, add value and increase your sales

    Quality product, unrivalled customer and technical support


    Complete end-to-end security

    Galaxkey provides complete end-to-end security for emails and documents, in transit and in store. Once this data is secured at the source device (machine or mobile), the data is restored only at the destination or the recipient’s device

    Support for corporates & individuals

    The only system in the market that supports both corporate and individual account types with seamless integration.

    Data-centric solution

    Our solution protects the data itself so that you can secure and control your data wherever it travels: any data, any place and any time

    Quick deployment & easy operation

    Takes minutes to deploy within a corporate environment and with a click of a button, anyone can easily protect data. Galaxkey works transparently in the background to relieve the organisation and user of any key management complexities.

    Multi-platform support

    Galaxkey integrates easily with existing email clients, providing one-click security for end-users to share information securely straight from Outlook, iOS, Android and Windows. Equally effective on all platforms and devices.

    Single identity

    Each user has a single unique identity that works across multiple devices and clients. Allowing you to manage all your email addresses under one umbrella.

    Automated invitations

    Galaxkey has an innovative and simple invitation module allowing any user to invite their customers or friends to use Galaxkey free of cost.


    A digital notification can be sent to the user (sender) when the secured email is opened and viewed by the recipient. This provides proof of delivery to the intended recipient. It is the equivalent of sending physical mail via recorded delivery.


    Optimize Secure Statement Delivery

    Accelerate New Customer Onboarding

    Secure B2B & B2C Sensitive Communications

    Enable Multi-Branding &


    Reduce the complexity of PGP & S/MINE

    Enable Inbound Encryption For PCI Compliance

    Outlook & Office 365 User Experience

    Eliminate The Registration



    Apply the right level of security
    Share and protect large files
    Avoid user frustration
    Smart authentication
    Flexible hosting options
    Apply the right level of security
    Bootstrap demo
    Safely protect sensitive data

    As reliance on email communication increases, so does the risk of sharing sensitive information. We shield sensitive data with simple email and file encryption that offers security in proportion to the level of risk, allowing you to encrypt emails and attachments in transit and at rest, and add multi-factor authentication and policy controls for additional security.

    You can encrypt both at the desktop or the email gateway, and control access to messages in shared mailboxes. We have full integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 allowing you to secure and share data easily

    How we do it
    Vigorous message-level encryption and rights management

    AES-256 bit encryption provides message-level protection via an on-premise, cloud or hybrid solution, while comprehensive permissions include read-only access, disabled attachment downloads, and restricted forwarding.

    Fine-grained message revocation, audit and control

    Far-reaching audit logs and message restrictions maintain control of shared information, while full revocation capabilities give you additional security by fixing mistakes and preventing a breach. Control how recipients can use your shared data, revoking access or changing access permissions in real-time. Add watermarks and restrict printing to keep documents in your control.

    Government and industry certifications

    We have been accredited by industry bodies and governments with multiple certifications, including ISO 27001, FIP 140-2, Common Criteria, Commercial Product Assurance, NATO, EU-approved cryptographic product, and Skyhigh CloudTru

    Customize email security policies and automation

    Prompt or enforce encryption when a user tries to send sensitive data, or encrypt automatically based on the recipient and any keywords.

    Share and protect large files
    Bypass file size instructions securely

    Limits on attachment and file size can be frustrating. We allow users to encrypt large files within a single message so you can enjoy enterprise grade security without the stress of employees relying on free and far less secure alternatives.

    How we do it
    Send 100s MB of data

    Securely attach 100s of megabytes of data within a single email without the hassle of sending large volumes of data across multiple messages or using other less secure options.

    Easy drag-and-drop experience

    A simple and seamless plug-in interface makes attaching large files easy, removing layers from the process and avoiding user frustration.

    Customizable interactions

    Custom-created notifications either prompt users for decisions or block emails being sent to unauthorized recipients or distribution groups.

    Secure data relative to the actual risk of a data breach

    Integration with Xcellhost Prevent ensures sensitive data is always protected in line with data protection regulations, including GDPR.

    Avoid user frustration
    Keep data safe by engaging employees

    When email protection solutions are complex, users avoid them altogether, putting data confidentiality at risk. Our simple solution engages people to effectively protect the sensitive information they share with colleagues and partners. Trusted recipients can authenticate seamlessly to access Xcellhost encrypted emails, with account log-in or multi-factor authentication required when the risk is higher.

    How we do it
    Single Sign-On

    We remove friction from recipient access by supporting single sign-on via MS Active Directory, using ADFS or other providers such as SAML v2.

    Enhanced mobility

    Users can appropriately secure sensitive content from their mobile devices with powerful iOS and Android apps.

    Ease of use for recipients

    It’s free for recipients to reply securely to your Xcellhost-encrypted messages, so you don’t need to worry about hidden processes and costs getting in the way of data protection.

    Smart authentication
    Accelerate access to sensitive content

    Our smart authentication functionality takes the hassle out of email security by using machine learning to continuously learn a recipient’s domain and location, and seamlessly authenticate access to Xcellhost-encrypted messages.

    How we do it
    Machine learning and data analytics

    Machine learning algorithms assess a recipient’s domain, behavior, location and IT system information in order to determine, and continuously build, trust levels.

    Appropriate levels of authentication

    We apply seamless authentication for trusted recipients, while log-in or multi-factor authentication come into effect when the risks are higher.

    Ease-of-use and simplicity

    The simplicity of Smart Authentication for recipients removes user frustration and the potential rise of ‘shadow IT’ when emailing sensitive data.

    Flexible hosting options
    Accelerate trusted access to sensitive content

    Secure email on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud by hosting Xcellhost in locations of your choice, or use hybrid email security for the best of both worlds.

    How we do it
    Complete control over user management

    Enable single-sign-on, organize internal and external users into groups with specific access permissions, and monitor activity with audit logs and user reports.

    Send secure emails from any device

    Send encrypted emails from any device via the Xcellhost web portal, or use our range of mobile apps for secure data transfer when on the road.

    Assurance through certifications

    Be confident in your data security with ISO27001 accreditation for the Xcellhost platform and all hosting locations. Xcellhost is also the only email security solution with Commercial Product Assurance accreditation from the UK National Cyber Security Centre.