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Digital Risk Management

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Real Time Infrastructure Intelligence
End to End Brand Intelligence
Future Ready Threat Intelligence
Real Time Infrastructure Intelligence

Real Time Infrastructure Intelligence

Widespread live network brings with it dynamism in the asset movement. It is not possible to discover all assets and threats with legacy tools alone. A real-time monitor helps organisations in:

    • Making live discovery of any new asset
    • Assess the exposure and Correlate with big data
    • Map to client’s assets and relevance
    • Rate the exposures according to severity and prioritise them

XcellHost’s infrastructure threat board shares the results along with the severity of the threat. A detailed report is also generated for further analysis.

End to End Brand Intelligence

End to End Brand Intelligence

A relentless continual brand scan is critical in today’s digital environment. You need to combat the actions of bad actors who use advanced technology to harm your brand image.

Brand reputation monitoring for an organization is as much about crisis prevention as it is about controlling the damage.

Future Ready Threat Intelligence

Future Ready Threat Intelligence

Simply put, threat intelligence helps an organisation process an in-depth analysis of potential cybersecurity threats from internal as well as external sources. It also helps formulate a strategy for swift damage control.

XcellHost processes threat intelligence feed and applies AI-powered intuitive intelligence to get meaningful information to plan a proactive approach.


Integrated top-down view of business risk
Integrated bottom-up view of cyber threat
Risk-based authentication combining security
Convenience for both enterprise users & consumers
Business-Driven Security portfolio delivering visibility insight
Ability to prioritize threat response based on business-tusk data


Don’t just react to cyber-attacks; anticipate and mitigate.While you’re building defenses against known threats, there are newer, more sophisticated ones being directed at you. With XcellHost focused, real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and actionable insights, you can be vigilant and stay secure.


Cumbersome servers begone. Browser, web link and go.

Non-invasive technology

Access to your confidential information is not required

End-to-end monitoring

Coverage across millions of surface, dark and deep webs sources.

Proprietary ThreatMeter

Accurate, real-time threat detection, rating, and prioritization.

Easy deployment

No lengthy installation. Quick online account set-up process.

Customized scanning

Update the assets you want to monitor at any time.

Unified risk monitoring

Integrate with pre-existing issue trackers and centrally monitor all digital risks.


Digital Risk Monitoring system defends against malicious threats in the following phases:



Organizations using the X-Vigil platform


TB Of threat data


High priority threat alerts flagged to our clients


GB Data collected and analysed everyday