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Stay in full control of your environment with high performance single -tenant dedicated servers.
  • Instant Provisioning
  • System Admin Support
  • Full Admin Access
  • SuperMicro Blade

    Provisioning & Automating Bare Metal Machines For Containers & High Perfromance Computing.

    2-minute provisioning, One-click Backups, Save machine images, No Contracts, Hourly Billing.

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    PlanPhysical core (HT Turned off)CPU
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    Why choose Windows Dedicated Server

    Full Admin Access

    Complete control over your Windows Dedicated Server

    Instant Provisioning

    Use your Windows Server right after you purchase it

    Core Managed

    We take care of all your backend infrastructure

    SuperMicro Blade

    Windows Servers built for efficiency and top-performance

    Reliable Network

    We use top-of-the-line network technology

    99.99% Uptime

    Never face downtime, stay worry-free

    30-Day Money Back

    Try our service for 30 


    Intuitive Dashboard

    Easy Windows Server operations with our custom panel

    System Admin Support

    24/7 support provided by our seasoned experts

    Remote Access

    Access your Windows Dedicated Server from any location

    What You Get With Bare Metal Cloud Server?

    Full Access Is Granted

    Bare metal servers are entirely allocated physical servers. You have unrestricted access to your machines and can identify the exact hardware at the component level.

    The Performance Is Consistent

    Our bare metal servers are never moved or reconfigured without your specific request or permission. Your compute instances deliver predictable and consistent performance every day.

    The Hardware Is Intel-Powered

    Our bare metal servers are powered only by the latest Intel Xeon processors. We are the right place to look for the latest and best in performance hardware.


    Windows Dedicated Hosting Features

    Instant Setup
    Full Admin Access
    Operating Systems
    Superior Infrastructure
    Intuitive Dashboard
    99.99% Uptime
    Instant Setup

    Setup your Windows Dedicated Server instantly

    Our Windows Dedicated Server provisioning uses OpenStack, a leading IaaS platform technology. This ensures that your Windows Server Hosting is ready for use within minutes of you purchasing it.

    Full Admin Access

    Full Admin Access

    We provide full administrator access with every Windows Dedicated Server which lets you enitrely customise the server environment based on your needs. You have total control of your Windows Dedicated Hosting Server and can choose to install any third-party software.

    Operating Systems

    Operating Systems

    We offer both Windows 2008 and 2012 R2 Standard Edition for all our Windows Dedicated Servers. Whether it is wanting the latest features or supporting legacy setups, we offer you the flexibility of deciding for yourself.

    Superior Infrastructure

    Superior Infrastructure

    We offer world-class SuperMicro Blade servers with Intel Xeon Processors, RAID 1 Disks and a variety of OS. SuperMicro Blade servers help to improve our datacentre energy efficiency and thereby control our cost to you.

    Intuitive Dashboard

    Manage your Windows Dedicated Server

    Our custom-built panel allows you to easily manage and monitor your Windows Dedicated Server from a single interface.

    99.99% Uptime

    Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with 99.99% Uptime

    As your trusted provider for Windows Dedicated Servers, we understand that stability and security is of utmost importance to you. We take our monitoring and maintenance processes very seriously. We have chosen the best HVAC architecture, hardware and network systems to ensure the highest availability of our Windows servers.


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