XcellCloud | Dedicated Private Cloud

Flexible and rapid provisioning from a single-tenant, private computing environment.
  • Firewall
  • VPN

    We help you design and deploy a physically isolated cloud environment that supports only one client and does not utilize shared infrastructure.

    High computing power for mission critical applications. Get the most out of your dedicated private cloud.

    Total control with your own dedicated private cloud


    Each Private Cloud Plan has no charge per VM or set limit of VM's that can be deployed. The only limit to the number of VM's is the amount of resources within the plan.


    24x7 Delightful Support
    FREE Next-Gen Endpoint Security & EDR
    FREE Site 24x7 Basic Monitoring
    FREE Basic Website Security ( WAF + DDoS + CDN)
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    Workloads & Data With Demanding Security Requirements
    Mission-Critical Business
    Applications That Require High Performance
    Workloads & Data With Demanding Security Requirements
    Mission-Critical Business
    KVM Private Cloud
    Hyper-V Private Cloud
    VMware Private Cloud
    Azure Private Cloud
    Nutanix Private Cloud
    KVM Private Cloud
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    Dedicated Private Clouds provide you with a totally isolated environment with dedicated high-performance hardware which can be used for a range of purposes from housing your virtual machines to storing sensitive data. With a simple development pipeline and optimized resource usage, you can get the best performance with minimal optimization, maximizing the efficiency of your cloud deployment. Our High Performance Infrastructure is on demand meaning rapid orchestration is possible via the API to meet increased demand. Also, being a private environment, your resources are not shared with others: the network, hypervisors, storage and ultimately the environment are all yours to use however you wish. It’s your own personal data center.

    • Highly-redundant, enterprise-grade blades and servers

    • 100% Intel Xeon CPUs, Enterprise-grade SSDs

    • Secure and segregated storage arrays

    • Cloud software stack installed and managed by XcellHost

    • Single-tenant multi-virtual server architectures

    • Zero contention for resources

    • Highly-secure, highly-available internal LAN

    • Direct cloud stack login and control suite

    • Daily, weekly or monthly auto schedule snapshots

    • Permanent HTML5 KVM Console

    • Enterprise-grade NFS NAS Storage

    • Unrivalled support 24x7x365

    Hyper-V Private Cloud
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    The flexibility of Hyper-V allows you to split your cloud into individual virtual machines (VMs), so you can use your cloud resources more effectively.

    Use different operating systems and applications within one cloud, rather than owning a dedicated solution for each. Making your cloud solution leaner and much more efficient, so your solutions work harder but with considerably lower costs.

    We e understand that you need the right technology to support your future growth plans; that's why we partner with the world's leading IT companies. Our experts work closely with Microsoft to design and deploy our private cloud platforms to ensure that the solution suits your business requirements, now and for the future.

    • Automated failover

    • Redundant host

    • Enterprise-class SSD storage

    • Cutting-edge Dell hardware

    • N+1 redundancy

    • High firewall

    • High availiblity

    • Clustered derver architecture

    • Full administrative level access via remote desktop

    VMware Private Cloud
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    Transform your data center into a flexible cloud infrastructure with server virtualization and consolidation. Simplify your data center with consistent management, intelligent operations, and built-in automation.

    • Dedicated firewall

    • Expert Support for VMware Technology (VMware NSX ,vSAN)

    • Security & Compliance

    • Private Netowrking

    • Powerful API

    • Automated failover

    • Redundant host

    • Enterprise-class SSD storage

    • Cutting-edge Dell hardware

    • Control Without Headaches

    • Cloud Management Platform

    • Hardware on Demand

    Azure Private Cloud
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    Bootstrap demo

    Microsoft Azure is one of the most powerful public cloud platforms available today, but Azure can be limiting when scaling, or in complying with data residency regulations. Microsoft Azure Stack enables you to use the full functionality of Azure with the benefit of high-performance dedicated resources in a private environment. Using Microsoft Azure Stack, data residency regulations are no longer an obstacle as you know exactly where your data and workloads are hosted.

    As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help you transition the right workloads to Microsoft Azure Stack. With an extensive set of platform services and consistent DevOps tools across Azure platforms, your development team can build applications that can be easily deployed and scaled. The familiar environment of Azure reduces your teams’ learning curve while helping your business become even more flexible.

    PaaS Functionalities

    Microsoft Azure has an extensive set of Platform as a Service (PaaS) features that enable your business to operate with higher efficiency and agility. Service Fabric, Container Services and SQL Databases are just a handful of the many tools available to improve your business performance.

    Data Residency

    Host Microsoft Azure Stack in our EU-based data centers so you know the location of your data and that it’s safe. Our data centers are third-party certified and have extensive security measures in place. Additionally, our vigilance around GDPR compliance ensures your solution will conform to the latest requirements.

    Hybrid Ready

    Our Microsoft Azure Stack Private Cloud solution gives you a truly consistent hybrid-cloud experience across Azure platforms. Develop, test and deploy workloads locally or in the cloud, based on the most suitable platform for your business requirements with unmatched flexibility and control.

    Dedicated Resources

    Microsoft Azure Stack uses high-performance dedicated resources that work only for your processes and workloads. This makes sure your mission-critical workloads run at optimal speed.

    Nutanix Private Cloud
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    XcellHost Dedicated Private Cloud Powered by Nutanix combines a best-in-class, high-availability cloud platform with a team of cloud experts, so you can rapidly deploy, flexibly scale, and conveniently manage applications with dedicated compute, memory, and storage resources at a XcellHost Tier4 data center. Our hosted private cloud solution utilizes a software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) that gives you the freedom to choose hypervisors, server platforms and deployment models.

    • Increase Flexibility

    • Improve Agility

    • Support Disaster Recovery

    • Reduced Complexity

    • Rapid Provisioning

    • Automated failover

    • Enterprise-class SSD storage

    • Free Up Your IT

    • Control Without Headaches

    • Ease of Management

    • Hardware on Demand

    • Trusted Service Provider

    WHY US

    Flexible Licensing Options

    Flexible licensing options along with a versatile range of compute blocks

    Multiple Hosting Options

    Assess and meet performance and memory needs on the go.

    Connectivity To All Services

    Digitally led services that stay connected wherever you are.

    Complete Monitoring & Tracking

    Track all applications with insightful analytics for quick decision-making.

    Dedicated Private Cloud

    Given our strong partnerships with global leaders, we have helped many leading organizations build dedicated private clouds to run high performance systems like core banking, ERP, CRM, Big Data and Analytics applications.



    Isolated cloud environment supporting one client

    Based On Number Of VMs Needed

    Purpose build models as per your need

    Single Tenant

    Completely private, not shared

    Choice Of Hypervisors

    Scaling up and scaling down at ease


    Significant saving as you cruise


    Fully Managed

    We take care of your entire hosting infrastructure, including hardware and the cloud platform itself so you can focus on your VMs and applications.

    Security & Backups

    A secure single-tenant environment with a firewall, load balancer, and a dedicated guard to safeguard your data plus Backups Powered by Acronis


    Server nodes built on premium dedicated hardware, combined with ultra-fast SAN storage, helps VMs deliver maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.


    Private Cloud is fully backed by XcellHost industry-leading SLAs and The Delightfull Support in Cloud Hosting. Help with any issue is never more than 59 seconds awa