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App management with largest ecosystem of apps built for business including Multi-MAM support
Endpoint ManagementManage and configure corporate and bring-your-own (BYO) devices throughout their lifecycle Support every major platform including iOS, Android, Windows 10, MacOS, Android for Work, Samsung Knox, Chrome, along with IoT devices: Workspace Hub and Alexa for Business
Workspace Environment ManagementManage configurations for commonly used GPOs and lock down Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices. WEM optimizes physical desktops for optimized performance. Resource optimization to get more out of their hardware and an improved experience
Real-Time Active Directory IntegrationIntegrate with LDAP in real-time to perform user authentication and to manage group policies Apply policy changes immediately based on LDAP changes
Policy ConfigurationManage a comprehensive array of policies: passcodes, device ownership, apps and device resources, platform-specific policies, encryption, device status and location
Security And ComplianceEnsure end-to-end security and compliance across device platforms, including rooting and jailbreak detection, pre-enrollment device checks, geo-fencing and tracking, context-aware policies, app blacklist/ whitelist and full or selective wipe of devices Initiate automated compliance actions when devices deviate from policy
Scalability And High AvailabilityEnsure scalability through industry-standard HA with active clustering at all tiers
Ease Of AdministrationCentralize administration through a console with customizable dashboard and role-based access and views Configure notifications, receive alerts and easily deploy mobile policies by mixing and matching parameters across groups and users
Provisioning And Self-Service EnrollmentProvide rapid over-the-air provisioning and self-service enrollment with one-time passcodes and server auto-discovery Deploy apps through an enterprise app store as well as app push and removal
Enterprise IntegrationSeamlessly plug in to existing IT infrastructure including LDAP, Microsoft Exchange, PKI, NAC, VPN, WiFi and SIEM
Monitoring And SupportEnable remote support and troubleshooting including VOIP and chat Create reports including unmanaged or rogue devices, compliance reporting, app and device inventory, blocked status and system alerts
App management with largest ecosystem of apps built for business including Multi-MAM support
Device DecommissioningAutomatically decommission devices if they are lost or based on user status in Active Directory Perform selective or full wipe of devices based on status.
Self-Service Web Portal
Allow mobile users to locate, lock or wipe lost/stolen devices without waiting for Help Desk support.
Mobile Application ManagementDeliver any mobile app to devices with a native user experience.
App SecurityUse mobile app container technology to separate mobile enterprise apps and data from personal apps 50+ MAM policies that do not require device enrollment Secure business apps and data with encryption and mobile DLP technologies.
Control App InteractionsEnable seamless communication between mobile productivity apps Enforce policies around activities such as cut-and-paste between apps.
Multi MAM SupportMAM flexibility so that you can apply the level of control your security policies require including 3rd party app store apps and Intune for O365 apps, as well as support for Samsung KNOX, SAFE and Android containers.
App PoliciesImplement granular policy-based management and access controls over HTML5 and native mobile apps.
MDX SDKEnable any mobile app with MDX SDK Wrap any mobile or SaaS app to be imported into Endpoint Management with no additional development needed.
Secure email and browser apps
Secure MailProvide containerized, native mobile email, calendar and contacts app for iOS and Android devices that leverages unique security features including multiple layers of encryption and micro-VPN technology for application data isolation
Conference Services IntegrationEnable users to automatically launch and join conference services such as GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Webex and Lync directly from their Secure Mail calendars with Fast Dial and Fast Join
Business-Class Workflows For Email Attachments With Secure MailEasily access, sort and save email attachments with the Secure Mail attachment repository. Allow attachments from device photo gallery with simple to use “Attach Last Photo” option.
Advanced Email CapabilitiesSupport HTML emails, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Out-Of-Office (OOO) notifications, S/MIME encryption, and Free/Busy calendar integration
Information Rights Management (IRM) SupportEnable Secure Mail to support exchange Information Rights Management (IRM) capabilities, which allows a sender to prevent recipients from forwarding, modifying, printing, faxing, saving, or cutting and pasting the message content
Secure WebProvide a full-featured secure mobile browser that leverages MDX Technologies for additional security, including a micro-VPN for intranet sites and encryption for the browser cache, bookmarks, cookies and history Allow for security functionality including URL blacklisting, whitelisting, and bookmark/homepage push
Unified corporate app store
Citrix Content Collaboration1Provide full view, edit, and share capabilities to all Content Collaboration data, including file systems, network drives and SharePoint
Email Attachment EncryptionEncrypt email attachments in the native mobile email app of iOS devices
Enterprise App Store
Enable Users to self-select their apps from an administrator-provided list of approved applications
Deliver Mobile AppsDeliver mobile apps from a unified app store to all devices
Deliver Web/SaaS AppsDeliver web and SaaS apps from a unified app store to all devices
Deliver Windows Apps2Deliver Windows apps and virtualized apps from a unified app store to all devices
Multi-factor single sign-on
Strong AuthenticationProvide strong authentication, including RSA tokens, certificates and smartcards, into the corporate workspace
Touch ID Support for Touch ID offline authentication.
Single Sign-On To Apps And DataProvide one-click access to users’ applications and data with no additional passwords
PIN-Based AuthenticationSet PIN-based authorization for Secure Hub for access to all apps and data
Kerberos Authentication SupportEnable Kerberos, client certificate authentication


See how Citrix solves your business and IT challenges.

Create a workspace experience that's simple, secure and easy to manage

Secure every endpoint with a unified endpoint management solution

Simplify IT with unified endpoint management (UEM)

Manage every endpoint from the same  console

Enhance your Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) deployment

Reach beyond Enterprise Mobility + Security for more features and flexibility

Implement a successful bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program

Let employees use personal devices with better security

Build a better workspace experience

With a unified endpoint management solution designed for security and productivity

Turn any device into a powerful business tool

Build your ideal set of productivity apps with advanced mobile security


Put employees—not devices—at the center of your digital workspace experience

Too many providers promise the world when it comes to mobile productivity, only to keep people tethered to specific devices and apps. For mobile workers to be truly productive, flexibility is key.

Only Citrix Endpoint Management powers a truly versatile digital workspace experience that lets employees work smarter, faster and more securely than ever—anywhere, at any time.


Citrix Endpoint Management frees your organization from having to piece together solutions or stay tied to specific endpoints. You decide which devices, apps and vendors work best—for employees, for IT and for your business at large.


Ensure the same seamless experience on every device, for every employee, with powerful UEM tools and secure enterprise apps.


Control, containerize and enforce compliance as needed, all from the same central IT management console.


Let employees choose which devices to use—and give IT the freedom to select the best deployment methods for safe, reliable access across endpoints.


Bring every app and endpoint into one unified view to deliver the digital workspace your users need to be productive.

It takes employees an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to re-focus on a task after a distraction.
Learn how to deliver an interruption-free employee experience.

94% of security professionals expect the frequency of mobile attacks to increase.

You need a way to deliver business-critical cloud applications like Office 365 without putting your company at risk.