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Easily deploy cloud desktops
Deliver a secure, stable, and high-quality experience to your
hybrid workforce from anywhere
  • Power productivity with high definition technology
  • Power productivity with high definition technology

    Provide secure access on any device

    Improve business agility with cloud desktop technology

    Simplify your VDI and scale for future growth

    Deliver Linux VDI from any device

    Give employees a better virtual desktop experience

    Expert India based support

    Cloud Desktop
    Virtual Desktop
    GPU Desktop
    Cloud Desktop


    Enable remote work

    Keep your company operational and productive in times of disruption

    Provide a high-definition experience on any device

    Say goodbye to VDI lag times

    Ensure a better experience with Citrix and Microsoft

    Harness the potential of the industry’s most powerful partnership

    Deliver Linux VDI from any device

    Make your users as productive as possible with the Linux virtual desktop

    Meet every employee need with the leader in virtual desktop infrastructure

    Provide the best VDI experience possible, on any device or network

    Give employees a better virtual desktop experience

    Power productivity with high definition technology

    Move to the cloud at your pace

    Choose what works best for your business



    Access your favorite applications from anywhere anytime. Install custom apps on a Cloud Desktop.


    Pay on a month-to-month basis without signing any contract. Add/remove users anytime based on your requirement.


    Access Cloud Desktop via browser on PCs/Macs, laptops, Android/iOS devices, notebooks, tablets, slates, or smartphones.


    Save money on hardware costs by making your existing PCs/laptops works as good as latest devices.


    Free your internal servers and physical infrastructure. Don’t worry about software updates and support required to maintain the desktops.


    Be secure with SSAE-16 top-tier data centers located in New York with highest standards of security and redundancy.


    Get the 99.9% uptime guarantee with redundancy across power supply. Be relieved with our 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure.


    Data is backed up daily in state-of-art data centers. The well-defined processes ensure complete data restoration in case of disaster recovery.


    Access from anywhere

    Regardless of whether you have a Windows PC, an Android tablet or an iPhone, you and your staff will be able to access the Hosted Desktop from any device with an internet connection.

    Managed backups

    We backup all of your data every night and then retain it for 30 days. Furthermore your backups are then replicated to our alternate data centre. Should you then ever require it, we can recover a single file or entire server efficiently and effectively.

    Reduced costs

    You will no longer need to invest in expensive servers and Microsoft licensing. You will also save on electricity, insurance and on-site IT support.


    Hosted Desktop users can be added or removed with 24 hours’ notice. This means you never experience growing pains, or wastage within your IT budget.

    Increased security

    Our military grade data centres and cutting edge firewalls provide stringent data security.

    High performance

    Our Dell PowerEdge servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure fast and reliable performance is always realised. Applications will load in an instant.

    Disk space

    Each Hosted Desktop user receives 10GB of usable storage space as standard. Therefore if you have 10 Hosted Desktop users, you have 100GB of usable storage space. Additional storage can be added on if required, this is an optional extra.

    Windows 10

    We currently offer both, the decision comes down to your personal preference. We’re happy to discuss the technical benefits of each with you.


    Our Hosted Desktop supports most applications including, but not limited to: Bookkeeping, Legal, Document Management, Design, Ecommerce, Database, Telephony and Microsoft based applications.

    Staff collaboration

    With the use of shared network drives, staff can share sets of data. You can also specify who has accessibility, and to what particular data. This creates better staff workflow and greater control of your data.

    Managed migrations

    We carefully plan and manage the migration process, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in getting everything set up for you. The transition will be smooth and seamless.

    Expert India based support

    We become your outsourced IT department. Our Microsoft certified support staff are always on hand and happy to help.


    Our platform is designed to support the needs of large-scale virtual desktop deployments while providing a reliable, high-performance end user experience.

    We didn’t just move desktops to the cloud, we redesigned them with enterprise-grade hardware, proprietary storage, Cloud Desktop optimized compute resources and a low latency network design – it’s the way virtual desktops should be. Now you can easily deploy cloud desktops without compromising user experience.


    Citrix Profile Management

    Citrix Profile management is a proven profile management solution that ensures a consistent user experience when your users/customers

    Application Redirection

    Microsoft Application redirection is a critical component of successful Virtual App implementations; it prevents user profiles from becoming bloated, minimising user logon timings.

    Active Directory & Group Policy Management

    Citrix Storefront server provides a rich Virtual App user experience and enables self-service of enterprise applications.

    Secure Web Gateway

    Through the unique access gateway feature set of Citrix secure web gateway, our Virtual App gurus securely deliver Virtual App applications

    Cloud Gateway

    Citrix Storefront server provides a rich Virtual App user experience and enables self-service of enterprise applications

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    By leveraging all of our Virtual App components as a bundle, you will truly support the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend.

    Reduce Those Costs

    We see this as one of the major reasons why companies choose us as their Hosted Desktop provider. We see that most businesses will save 70%

    Data Security

    At Xcellhost we take security very seriously and build in security to the very core of our Hosted Desktop platform. We host desktops out of state of the art

    MS Office Included

    With our bundled MS Office Suite, your business will have the latest Microsoft Office suite installed and configured to your exact requirements, including

    No More IT Stress

    In terms of practical business applications of Cloud Computing, we find companies that adopt Hosted Desktops benefit from an easy to manage consistent

    Anytime Anywhere Access

    As Hosted Desktops run from inside a data centre you will be able to access your desktop from any location on any device and have a consistent user

    Secure Data Centres

    Xcellhost deliver your Hosted Desktop out of one of our carefully selected Tier 3 data centre facilities. Our data centres have been handpicked based on quality

    Business Continuity

    As standard Xcellhost will replicate all Hosted Desktops to a secondary data centre to ensure your business can continue to function should disaster strike the primary data centre

    Better Than RDP

    Unlike other Hosted Desktop providers, we don’t just give you a simple RDP based desktop. 

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    At Xcellhost, we meet your businesses demands, providing a rapidly scalable environment for us to grow along side your business.

    Virtual Desktop


    Windows Style Desktops
    Application & File Server
    +25 Pre Installed Applications
    50 GB Cloud Drive
    Cloud Anti-Virus
    High Availability
    Daily Backup
    24x7 Support & Monitoring



    Go beyond virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
    Deliver a high-definition user experience on any device
    Go beyond virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
    Accelerate workspace mobility with application layering
    Design Services
    Designing new IT infrastructure based on user profiles, applications and compute requirements.
    Implementation Services
    Designing new IT infrastructure based on user profiles, applications and compute requirements.
    Remote Infrastructure Management
    Monitoring the virtualized infrastructure remotely. Undertaking Incident & Problem management., and Change & Patch management.
    Smart Monitoring
    24X7 monitoring of virtualized infrastructure for proactive issues identification and resolution
    GPU Desktop


    As soon as you click deploy, the XcellHost Cloud orchestration takes over and spins up your instance in your desired data center.

    Dedicated Hardware
    With root access to multi-GPU server, you can easily set up and manage the computing power of your entire platform. No virtualization and no sharing mean that all GPUs drive your applications with world-class speed.
    Save On Capital Costs
    Access as much or as little capacity as you need, scale up or down, to cut down on security and capital costs for equipment and on-pre data center space and maintenance.
    Our servers are located in world-class, industry-leading data centers with enhanced cybersecurity. Your access is always available, and your data is always protected and secure.
    No Long Term Contracts
    Linux or Windows host system 1 Gbps Internet connection 10 Gbps Internal connection 1 IPv4/IPv6 address included and possible add more 2.5 Tb/week internet traffic included





    With GPU Cloud Desktop, your data and applications move with you. You can use multiple devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to access your apps and data over the GPU Cloud Desktop
    If you have an GPU Cloud Desktop, you can remain productive even without turning up for work. All your data and applications are accessible from the comfort of your home or while you are on the move
    The server that houses your GPU Cloud Desktop packs a lot of processing power. Any task you execute on the GPU Cloud Desktop will use the resources of the server, instead of the machine used for log in. This will result in efficiency.
    You can access your GPU Cloud Desktop from devices running different operating systems. The compatible operating systems include Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. The broad choice of operating systems makes GPU Cloud Desktop a highly versatile cloud solution.
    In GPU Cloud Desktop, the resources Of the Cloud Service Provider will be used. You can execute work even from a low spec machine or device. This will save you the additional cost of keeping your
    In case of GPU Cloud Desktop, all your data and applications will be stored safely in a central server of the Cloud Service Provider like XcelHost There are multiple layers of security before access is granted to the sensitive data.
    The data centers of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like XcellHost comply with industry leading standards of data security. At times, this is also mandated by the law when data of sensitive nature is involved.
    User Experience
    One more advantage of using an GPU Cloud Desktop is that CSPs use licensed software and productivity applications. This results in a seamless user experience, unlike a pirated software that keeps crashing or generating errors.


    Best-in-Class Performance
    Benchmarked to our competitors, our customers continually tell us that 
    XcellHost GPU-powered DaaS solution out performs other cloud providers 
    in terms of speed and performance.
    Straightforward IT
    You no longer have to worry about infrastructure administration, 
    security updates or system upgrades. Xcellhost manages it all for
     you while you can focus on your projects, your team and your clients.
    Capacity Management
    Our solution supports your team as it grows & expands. Procuring and 
    deploying desktops is as-needed either for an internal or external
     project to support your strategic partners or contractual workers.
    Pay-Per-Use Model
    When you move to XcellHost, you gain an agile & powerful solution 
    for use on any device while only paying for what you use.
    Secure Remote Access
    Any authorized end user - whether internal or external - can access data, 
    documents and files from any device with a stable 3G, 4G or WiFi connection.


    High Performance with vGPU. Super-Fast SSD Storage.

    Fully Managed Service
    You get fully managed servers where we take care of installing patches, upgrade OS, and install cumulative updates. It also includes 24/7 constant monitoring of critical services and overall health.
    Works Just Like Your Physical Desktop
    Get the same experience as using your software on your physical desktop. Get a choice of Windows 7, 8, or 10 look-and-feel on our hosted desktops. Add shared or dedicated vGPU.
    Accessible Anywhere On All Popular Devices
    You can access your software from your home, office, or even on-the-go. It is accessible from Mac, PC, Chromebooks, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Keep your accounts up-to-date from everywhere!
    Works With All Local Devices
    Need to print to a local printer from your software on a Virtual Desktop? You can easily connect your printer and other external devices such as scanners, hard drives, storage, and multiple monitors.


    vGPU For Improved Performance
    If you use graphics-intensive applications, adding a virtual
     GPU on Cloud will improve graphics, stream faster, and render
     quickly. With vGPUs, the overall computing performance is augmented.
    99.95% Uptime Guarantee
    We're confident in the uptime of our Virtual Workstations,
     so much so that if we're not up 100% in any given month 
    we'll provide a service credit for the outage period.
    Powered By Nvidia
    All of our GPU enabled Virtual Workstations are powered by the latest Nvidia GRID technology and run on the VMware platform. Enabling a huge range of 3D applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Google Earth and more!
    Securely Hosted
    Unlike most of providers of GPU backed Virtual Workstations, we deliver 
    ours from our Tier 4 Data Center alongside government and large
     financial institutions to ensure that customers get the best latency possible.
    Need the power of a high end workstations while on the road? Our 
    Virtual Workstations give you the ultimate freedom to access your
     applications and data from whatever device you like, from where ever you like.
    Fully Customizable Desktops
    Unlike most Desktop as a Service providers we provide no restrictions
     around our Virtual Desktops. You are given the control to configure 
    the desktops exactly as required to accommodate your needs.


    Move your Game Engine
    Software Online
    With a virtual desktop, take online popular game 
    engine software such as: Unity, Blender, Unreal Engine,
     Game Maker, Construct, Cocos2D, and more.

    Access Live Production &
    Streaming Apps from the Cloud

    Record video and stream live events with a virtual 
    desktop using apps such as: OBS Studio, VLC Media
     Player, WebEx, Zoom, X Split, and more.
    Move your Engineering Design
    Software on Cloud
    Use GPU enhanced virtual desktops to work productively 
    with CAD and engineering software such as: AutoCAD, 
    Turbo CAD, Autodesk, 3ds Max, Revit, and more.
    GPU Cloud Desktop for 
    Remote Teams
    Provide to your employees accesses from their own devices,
     and offer them the high end machines they need
     without any IT skill set necessary.

    NVIDIA Tesla T4

    The NVIDIA T4 GPU accelerates diverse cloud workloads, including
    high-performance computing, deep learning training and inference,
    machine learning, data analytics, and graphics

    NVIDIA V100

    Build powerful machine learning applications on the most advanced
    and highest performing GPU-accelerated cloud infrastructure with
    NVIDIA Tesla V100


    Experience unbeatable performance, power, and memory with the
    NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000, the world’s most powerful graphics card
    for professional workflows

    NVIDIA RTX 8000

    Experience unbeatable performance, power, and memory with the
    NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000, the world’s most powerful graphics card for
    professional workflows