Simplicity and Choice

5 Cloud Providers

Unlimited Applications

All PHP Apps Supported

Innovative Control Panel

Worry-Free Experience

24/7/365 Support

Managed Security

Automated Backups

24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Performance That Scales

Optimized Stack

Built-in CDN

Auto-Healing Servers

PHP 7 Ready Servers



Our team constantly keeps an eye on server vulnerability to keep your website out of the reach of any spyware, malware or any unwanted traffic patterns. This helps to safeguard your website from any viruses.

Complete Management

Our system admins will proactively take charge of your cloud server and safeguard them. This will help you save your time and energy required to manage it on your own. Instead, you can utilize your time in running and boosting your business.

Server maintenance

With vast experience of server maintenance, XcellHost can manage all the daily operations and maintenance of your server. We ensure the server runs smoothly without any hassles and there are no technical errors that may affect your website/application/app & many more...

Regular updates

Timely updates are been installed to keep the server’s software up to date. You don’t need to worry about downloading and installing these updates manually.

System monitoring

We will monitor the resources of your cloud server such as CPU and bandwidth regularly. This lets us make sure your website doesn’t get crashed when sudden traffic spikes your site. Our team keeps a close watch on all the traffic.

Data protection

All the files on the server are constantly monitored to avoid any exposure to the web attackers. Data is backed up on daily basis to prevent any data loss in case of accidental errors. This data can be restored as and when required

Expert Support
Integration & Addons
Expert Support

Best-in-Class Support Available Every Hour of Every Day

Expert problem solving for everyone, and an even closer partnership with Advanced and Premium Support add-ons

Enhanced SLAs

Advanced Support doubles your Live Chat access and cuts online tickets response times to 3 hours (normal priority) or 30 mins (high). Premium SLAs are even slicker.

24/7/365 Live Chat

Ask us for help and guidance when using the XcellHost Platform, any time. Our growing team of highly-trained experts is always available.

Online Ticketing

Track more complex queries or issues online as we work on them. Our Support Team can create tickets on your behalf, or you can submit your own.

Server Customization

Ask us to deploy PHP or other custom packages, help with caching configurations, or make server configuration changes.

Phone Access

With the Premium Support add-on you and your team can call and speak directly with a Senior Support Engineer in person, any time.

Application-level Issues

Plug-in or theme troubleshooting, investigation of server errors, help with your database or email add-on, and performance optimization.

Application Monitoring

We will inform you and start investigating if your server or stack is down. Powerful application monitoring tools are built into the Platform as well.

Close Partnership

With the Premium Support add-on, we work as an extension of your in-house team. We’re always on Slack, or you can call us any time.

Private Slack Channel

Premium Support lifts you out of the web-based online chat and opens up a private Slack channel with our Senior Support Engineers.

Fast Ticket Response

With Premium Support, online tickets receive a response as soon as possible, and always within two hours. If it’s high priority that becomes ten minutes.


High-Speed Performance Assured

Integration & Addons


  • XcellHost - Starting at ₹742/month. Linode - Starting at ₹891/month. Vultr - Starting at ₹816/month. Google Compute Engine - Starting at ₹2709/month. Amazon Web Service - Starting at ₹2471/month.
  • Yes, you can launch multiple servers of the same or different cloud hosting plans and providers. It is entirely up to you how many servers of which cloud hosting pricing plans and infrastructure provider(s) you launch.
  • XcellHost charges you hourly. This means you are charged only for what you use. As soon as you change your cloud hosting pricing plans, it will be reflected immediately on your invoice.
  • We offer XcellHost Email Add-on at a discounted price as a complimentary service to our primary managed hosting services. We just want to make more convenient for you to host your websites with us, offering a very reliable email solution at an extremely attractive price. Unfortunately, we can't offer XcellHost Email Add-on if you are not using our hosting services.
  • Yes. There is no restriction on the number of applications you can launch on a single server.
  • Every pricing plan gives you online access to 24/7/365 support through Live Chat and our ticketing system. The Advanced and Premium Support add-ons give you quicker response time, and enhanced access to our Support Team
  • Yes, as XcellHost is based in India, we are required to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • You can cancel the account by deleting your servers anytime, and you will only be charged until the server(s) were active.
  • It is a chance for you to familiarize yourself with XcellHost Platform and test its capabilities. No risk, no obligation, no credit card required and you can cancel anytime.
  • We use post-billing method and charge in arrears. Invoices are issued in the first week of every month for usage of services in the previous month. You will be notified by email of your invoices.
  • On Amazon and Google servers, bandwidth billing is on demand at all times. On Vultr, additional bandwidth is charged at ₹1.99 to ₹3.99 per GB (depending upon data center region). On XcellHost, ₹1.99 per GB will be charged for additional bandwidth usage.

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